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The Hidden Meaning of Chocolates


"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get" Perhaps, but not so much when it comes to love, at least according to an article from Couple's Company.  Are you the dependable, stable kind or the daredevil, with a love for life on the edge ? Find out what chocolate says about you. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, check out some of New England's best chocolate boutiques and candy stores


What Flavor or Type of Chocolate Do You Like ?  

The flavor chocolate you prefer reveals your core personality.


If you like Milk Chocolate ...

You are a kid at heart ! There's an innocence about you that others adore. You are very nostalgic but have tendency to live too much in the past. 

If you like Dark Chocolate ...

You are the problem solver ! Always looking ahead, you are a true visionary. You have a love and appreciation for worldly things but can be materialistic at times.

If you like Bitter Chocolate ...

You are the connoisseur ! You are authoritative and well respected by many.  You are determined and unwavering but often inflexible and stubborn.

If you like White Chocolate ...

You are the eternal peace keeper ! You seek truth and fairness in the world and with others. Keeping all options open, you rarely close any doors,  occasionally making you a bit of a fence straddler.

If you like All Chocolate ...

You are the social butterfly! Always hip and well liked by others, you are flexible and know how to roll with the punches. You seek to please but can loose sight of yourself from time to time in doing so.

What Flavor Filling or Center Do You Like ?

Your favorite fillings represent your strengths while a craving for a certain filling represents your current state of mind.


If you like Almonds ...

You are quick on your feet, friendly, and an achiever. When craving you are feeling flippant and lazy.


If you like Apricots ...

You are gentle, patient, and wise. When craving you are feeling unsettled and impatient.


If you like Brazil Nuts ...

You are diplomatic, cultured, and sociable, a perfectionist. When craving you are feeling aloof and closed off.


If you like Butterscotch ( Hard Carmel) ...

You are dependable, obedient, and full of integrity. When craving you are feeling self absorbed and judgmental. 


If you like Carmel ( soft ) ...

You are dependable, steady, and observant. When craving you are feeling rigid and inflexible.


If you like Cherry ...

You are energetic, passionate, and exciting. When craving you are feeling lethargic and ready to lose your cool.


If you like Coconut ...

You are creative, passionate, a dreamer. When craving you are feeling reluctant and incoherent 


If you like Coffee ...

You are open minded, philosophical, and ready for action. When craving you are feeling impatient and anxious.


If you like Fudge ...

You are sensual, unique, and a visionary. When craving you are feeling frustrated and uneasy.


If you like Hazelnut ...

You are earthy, spiritual, and harmonious. When craving you are feeling shy and tentative.


If you like Honeycomb ( Butterfinger) ...

You are a dreamer, an adventurer, full of ideas. When craving you are feeling non-productive. 


If you like Lemon ... 

 You are a conservationist, an entrepreneur with a love for learning. When craving you are feeling a lack of direction and fear of love.


If you like Lime ... 

You are straightforward, goal orientated, a freedom seeker. When craving you are feeling claustrophobic and indecisive.


If you like Marshmallow ... 

You are social,  talkative, and optimistic. When craving you are feeling bored and discontent.


If you like Orange ... 

You are dependable, spiritual, the caregiver. When craving you are feeling needy and over-extended.


If you like  Peanuts ...

You are down to earth, athletic, and family orientated. When craving you are feeling closed and out of touch with reality. 


If you like Pecans ...

You are youthful, traditional, and thoughtful. When craving you are feeling vain and self absorbed.


If you like Peppermint ... 

You are active, optimistic, and open minded. When craving you are feeling restless and in need of attention.


If you like Pineapple ... 

You are smart, happy, and and love the sun. When craving you are feeling depressed and in need of brighter skies.


If you like Raspberry ...

You are old fashioned, loyal, and a collector of things. When craving you are feeling victimized.


If you like Strawberry ... 

You are an idealist, compassionate, and romantic. When craving you are feeling overly sensitive and desperate.


If you like Turkish Delight ...

You are honest, balanced, and  spiritual. When craving you are feeling indecisive and longing for escape.


If you like Walnuts ... 

You are rugged, a story teller, and a true friend. When craving you are feeling doubtful and depressed.


Written By : Jessica Layne


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Comments (12)
12 Monday, 10 November 2014 10:23
like all chocolates
11 Monday, 10 March 2014 04:47
dark chocolates
10 Sunday, 09 February 2014 00:20
Dairy Milk, 5'Star, Kit-ket, Milk Bar .....
9 Thursday, 02 January 2014 18:30
I love dark chocolate for its unique bittersweet flavor...
I would love a hazelnut in the middle for its unique taste out of many nuts... :)
8 Saturday, 02 November 2013 06:30
Like dark choclate wid soft carmel
7 Sunday, 07 July 2013 15:47
Gothiko Vampirro
I like dark chocolate with almonds, I can eat a whole! x) My girl also love it!
6 Wednesday, 03 April 2013 10:02
it helped me in the spoken english speech oooooooooooooo
5 Wednesday, 03 April 2013 09:54
4 Sunday, 31 March 2013 02:19
I like coconiut,milk choclates very much!!!;!yummyyyu....
3 Sunday, 30 September 2012 09:41
my son Joseph
i love dark chocolate with almonds.. i can't resist it.. kkk ^.^
2 Sunday, 06 February 2011 08:51
I love chocolate especially coconut, but hate white chocolate.
1 Tuesday, 17 August 2010 18:55
Carmel Baby...Carmel all the way!

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