Anderson Cemetery

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Anderson CemeteryOn August 1st we did an investigation at Anderson Cemetery in Windham, Maine. The members present were Jen, Renee, Jessica, Louie and Mandy. This investigation was one in which we felt very lucky to have our GPS navigation systems, as it was out of the way, down a semi-secluded dirt road. Some of the reports were the presence of shadow figures, disembodied voices, tombstones that when viewed in pictures seemed to be emanating their own light, and photos that had orbs.

There was a video on youtube that another local investigation group had gotten a response from the Anderson tomb when they asked for someone to knock if they were present. While we did not see any shadow figures while we were there, we did notice that just like with the cemetery in Manchester, some of the tombstones would reflect shadows from people who walked near them that carried flashlights.

At one point while taking pictures, the sun was positioned to the right of Mandy and was just beginning to set. She noticed that she was able to create a “glowing orb” effect when she snapped the pictures with the sun in front of her. While they were nowhere near any of the tombstones, these reflections could definitely be mistaken for orbs. A few even looked like they might contain faces, but they were just part of the illusion that the reflection was giving off.

When we investigated around the Anderson tomb, we noticed a few small holes that animals had dug, which most likely led into the tomb. It wasn't clear if animals may have been responsible for the knocking noise that other groups got when they investigated, but this could account for some of the noises that other people have heard coming from inside the tomb.

As far as the random unexplained voices, although the cemetery was set back a ways, we could still definitely hear traffic, music and other miscellaneous noises. If someone on the main road was loud enough, it could definitely be heard in the cemetery. There was a function at a neighboring school for part of the afternoon. We could hear a loud speaker and in some cases cheering and dull roars.

Tomb at Anderson CemeteryWhen we were at the Anderson tomb during one of our EVP sessions, we kept on hearing strange disturbances coming from the nearby woods. It sounded like someone was walking around and throwing rocks or acorns. Upon further examination by both Jess and Louie, it was revealed that the squirrels that are in the area are extremely loud and obnoxious. While nothing paranormal was trying to make contact with us, the squirrels certainly were social!

While we were there, we did catch a few EVP’s that we are unable to find logical explanations for. One was of a young girl humming softly. We also got a tapping noise that seemed to be coming from within the Anderson tomb. While I said before that the possibility of animals making noise exists, this tapping was very loud and firm. While we were seated inside one of the structures which used to be used as either storage or a tomb conducting an EVP session, there was a loud disturbance which happened in the trees above us. At first the noise was dismissed as a possible creature but upon futher investigation remained a mystery. Louie was standing just outside of where we were sitting, and he tried to see if there were any squirrels or chipmunks running around. There were none. The noise could only be described as a loud bang like that of a gun going off.


It is our opinion that while the Anderson Cemetery contains some sort of paranormal activity, it was not consistent enough while we were there to determine what type of haunting it contains. While we were able to catch a few EVP’s we cannot make an accurate assumption about whether it has an intelligent or a residual haunting. It was definitely a beautiful place and we look forward to maybe going back again next summer!


Special thanks to Mandy James, co-founder of Paranormal Researchers and Investigators of Maine for contributing this article. PRI performs paranormal investigations for local businesses, private residences, and historic buildings and landmarks throughout New England. Learn More...


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